Here’s what you should know before deciding on a career path

A couple of years ago, data science became very popular. There was a lot of hype surrounding the field, and people from different backgrounds were rushing to make the transition into data science.

Data science master’s degrees started to become increasingly popular, and there was no dearth of online courses…

Stand out to employers by acquiring domain knowledge


As data scientists, we’re taught to work with numbers and use mathematical models to come up with predictions.

In practice, however, data science is very different from the material taught in an academic setting.

More than knowledge of complex algorithms, you need to be able to quickly derive value from…

Your job doesn’t start and end with model building

I came across the term “MLOps engineer” a year back, when I teaching myself data science. I read many blog posts by data scientists who strongly suggested learning MLOps skills. They stated that it wasn’t sufficient to just build and train models if these models couldn’t be used in production.

Code along and deploy your first machine learning web application in 7 minutes


There has been a huge increase in the demand for data related jobs in the past few years.

Most aspiring data scientists either take data science courses, get a Master’s degree, or enroll into a bootcamp to start their journey in the industry.

The skills taught at these places primarily…

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