Starter code, explanation and learning resources for any data science project

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Why code along to machine learning tutorials?

With the top-down approach, you can first get your hands dirty by implementing machine learning models.

Strengthen your skills and build a portfolio that stands out

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However, not all data science projects help your resume stand out. In fact, listing the wrong projects on your portfolio can do more harm than good.

Skill 1: Data Collection

Courses, books, and lectures that will take you from novice to advanced

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You have taken a data science MOOC and completed all the lectures and assignments. You even got a certificate. Now what?

It took me almost a year to realize that there was no one course that could teach me these things.

Can you tell the difference between the two?

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Go from zero to hero in under six months

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It is a lot easier to get a job in data analytics than in data science.

Harnessing the power of data science to take on global challenges

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Create and deploy a facial recognition app in Python

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  • Why showcase deep learning projects on your portfolio?
  • The importance of portfolio projects
  • A walkthrough of my facial recognition project
  • Resources to learn model deployment
  • Resources to learn deep learning

Why showcase deep learning projects on your portfolio?

Discover your learning style and study smarter

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What are learning styles?

And what you can do to make it easier

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Data doesn’t always tell the full story

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